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Note: As of April 19, 2016, Commissions are currently closed due to having a full workbench! I will update when they re-open!

When you order a commission, you are ordering a special, OOAK model of your design and choosing. There is not much that cannot be done in the world of sculpting and customizing! Below is some information regarding commissions, such as estimated prices, time frames, and the likes

Please remember: These are only estimates. The only way for you to know for sure how much your order may cost, is to contact me and tell me what you want! There is no commitment in a quote, so please don't be afraid to ask about an idea!


The following prices are for repaints and finishwork. If you would like to commission a zombie or an otherwise drastic custom, please mention that in your email so I can give you an accurate quote!

Little Bit/Pebble Scale:  $100 +

  • Prices do not include shipping and/or insurance, or custom fees.
  • Prepping is included in all prices. However, as a courtesy, please let me know if the body requires extensive prepping and be prepared to wait while I work on getting it ready for primer. To cut back on waiting time, prep it before-hand. 
  • Additional charges will be applied for Appaloosas, Roans, Paints, Extreme Paints and Extreme Sabinos, and heavily dappled horses. (Subtle dapples can be added at no extra charge.)

Note: it may take me several months to finish your commission. Sometimes I have to work on five or six different models at one time, which - between the prepping and finish work - takes a lot of time out of my day. Please expect at least two to three months for your commission to be completed, but don't be worried if it takes longer. The more work I have to do, the longer it'll take!

Quote estimations are for resins/plastic and cold-painted Chinas/ceramics. I will paint any scale.  Prepping is included in price quotes, unless there is an over abundance of prepping required. In that case, an additional fee will be charged. (Have it prepped or prep it beforehand if you want to cut back on the cost.) Email (seventhsealstudio [at] or submit a custom order request (below) for an accurate price quote on your proposed project.  

Once your request is submitted and approved,  A NON-REFUNDABLE down payment will be required to start the project.  (Up to 50%.) This is to ensure I have the money to buy or replenish any supplies I will need for the project. I accept PayPal or Postal Money Orders. (Note: The project will not be started until the money order has been received.)  The non-refundable down-payment cannot be returned for any reason once the project has been started.

Once the project has been started, the client will receive periodic updates regarding their commission, including progress pictures and any information, which they can use to tell me if they want anything changed. When the piece has been completed, the client will receive photos of the finished piece for approval. The remaining balance and return shipping costs are then due within 10 days of completion and approval of the model. 

PLEASE NOTE: if the balance has not been paid within 10 days of completion, (unless has been discussed and acknowledged that payment may be late and a new due date has been set,)  the piece will be considered "unclaimed" and will become property of the artist, and sold per the artist's discretion. If client supplied the body, they may receive the funds after the sale of unclaimed model, to cover the cost of the body. If the artist supplied the body, the client will not receive any money upon sale of unclaimed model.


zombies are cannibalistic creatures of lore that have popped up in literature and media for centuries. With video games and TV shows and movies popping up in recent years (and not-so-recent years,) it goes without saying that these grotesque creatures have captivated the hearts of many. Now, you can order your very own custom undead equine! Below is a form you can use to easily create your zombie, however, it is not required in order to make one! Simply send me a sketch or descriptions of what you want and I can whip up a detailed sketch of the proposed end product! Easy!

Basic estimations: (for an iconic zombie)
Little Bit/Pebble Scale:  $250 +

This form may be updated as I think of ways to better it!

I decided to make commissioning my zombies somewhat easy, as there are a lot more factors to consider when ordering a custom zombie than when ordering a "regular" horse, and all affect price. So, I decided to break it down into sections where you, as a client, can simply choose what features you want. It's completely customizable, so if you don't see something on the list that you want (rabicano pattern for example), just write it down in the "Other" selection. You can send your finished template to me via email. Simply copy and paste it into the message of the email, and put an "x" inside the brackets of the option you wish to choose. 

Example: "Is green a creative colour?"
                [ ] Yes
                [x] No

Got it? Okay! Here we go!

To start, what Type of zombie do you want?
[ ] Bitten/Freshly Turned (a plump horse full of small flesh wounds - cheapest option) [example coming soon]
[ ] Risen-From-The-Dead (an emaciated horse with large chunks missing - pricier option) [example]

Model Body:
For Just-Turned horses, any model can be used. It'll be up to you to decide what model you like best.
For Risen-From-The-Dead zombies, thinner models - such as Lonesome Glory or the Dancing Marwari - are preferred, as the plastic has to be manipulated for an emaciated look. The thinner the model, the more realistic and natural it'll look.

Body: _____________________________

Will you, the client, be supplying the body?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No (additional cost varies depending on availability of model on the market at this time -ignore if I am supplying the model from bodies I already have in-hand)

Gore: (How long has the horse been undead?)
[ ] Three Days (minimal decay)
[ ] One Week (More flesh wounds, caked blood)
[ ] Two-And-A-Half Weeks (lots of flesh wounds, caked blood, small blisters of pus - starts losing muscle mass)
[ ] One Month (blood and pus blisters everwhere; some traces of fungi)
[ ] Longer than a Month (blisters have burst, removing large chunks of flesh and leaving large amounts of fluorescent slime)

[ ] Black [example]
[ ] White [example]
[ ] Brown [example]
[ ] Grey [example]
[ ] Chestnut [example]
[ ] Buckskin [example]
[ ] Sorrel [example]
[ ] Bay [example]
[ ] Palomino [example]
[ ] Seal Bay/Brown [example]
[ ] Strawberry Roan [example]
[ ] Red Roan [example]
[ ] Purple Roan [example]
[ ] Blue Roan [example]
[ ] Other _____________

Coat Patterns: (+ $35 - $150)
[ ] Minimal Overo [example]
[ ] Overo [example]
[ ] Maximum Overo [example]
[ ] Few-Spot Appaloosa [White colour only] [example]
[ ] Varnish Appaloosa [example]
[ ] Blanket Appaloosa [example]
[ ] Leopard Appaloosa [White colour only] [example]
[ ] Tobiano [example]
[ ] Minimal Tobiano [example]
[ ] Maximum Tobiano [example]
[ ] Other _____________

Eyes: (You may choose more than one, unless both eyes are present and "Blind/Fogged" is chosen)
[ ] Brown [example]
[ ] Amber [example]
[ ] Blue [example]
[ ] Blind/Fogged [example]
[ ] None (exactly as it sounds)
[ ] Other _____________

Face Markings:
[ ] Stripe [example]
[ ] Blaze [example]
[ ] Wide Blaze [example]
[ ] Bald Face [example]
[ ] Literal Bald Face (no facial flesh) [example]
[ ] Star [example]
[ ] Star + Snip [example]
[ ] Star + Strip + Snip [example]
[ ] Strip [example]
[ ] Broken Blaze [example]
[ ] Other _____________

Leg Markings:
[ ] Coronet [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] Pastern [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] Sock [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] High Sock [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] Stocking [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] Sabino Stocking (any leg marking that extends beyond the knees/hocks) [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] None
Leg: ______________

[ ] No Leg Flesh [example]
Leg: ______________

[ ] Other _____________

Dapples: (+$20) (dapples may be hard to add on certain designs. Grey horses automatically come with light/soft dapples unless specified otherwise)
[ ] Dapples [example]
[ ] Inverse [example]
[ ] None (free)

Striped Hooves? [example] (All hooves have natural 'striping' as the grain of the hoof can be different colours. This option is whether or not you want additional black vertical stripes. Primarily on white hooves, however black hooves can sometimes have white stripes.Type will differ depending on coat pattern.)
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Hair Type:
[ ] Sculpted
[ ] Haired mohair (+$10)

Mane Style: (all manes will be messy as per the zombie style)
[ ] None/Hogged [example]
[ ] Roached (Fjord-style) [example]
[ ] Pulled (short) [example]
[ ] Pulled [example]
[ ] Pulled (long) [example]
[ ] Natural [example]
[ ] Plaited Buttons (+20) [Sculpted manes only for now] [example]
[ ] Running Plait (+20) [example]
[ ] Other _____________

Tail Style: (You may choose more than one)
[ ] Natural Short (common on Appy horses)
[ ] Natural Med [example]
[ ] Natural Long [example]
[ ] Plaited Tailbone [example]
[ ] Long, banged (Warmblood Type)
[ ] Other ______________

This form is designed to help me give you an estimated quote. You may design your horse however you want! Sketch it up and send it to me and I'll give you a quote that way, too. I can zombify other animals, too, not just horses! The options are endless!

Are you ready for your new custom model?!

Thank you for contacting me! I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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