Seventh Seal Studio

Undead Model Horses


Unpainted Resins Policy

Unpainted resins are yours to paint as you please. Individual resins may have certain policies that differ from the overall policy. If this is the case, it will be stated either here, or on the resin's page (or both.) If at any time you are unsure of what is or isn't allowed, please contact me!

Normal (living) horse resins are yours to paint or customize as you please. This includes (but is not limited to) drastic pose changes, species adaptations (pegasus, unicorn, centaur, etc,) painting, and even destruction by whatever means you see fit if you so choose to use your money in that manner. 

Undead - or zombie - horse resins are yours to paint as you please. Minor customizations such as a change of mane or tail or addition (or removal) of feathering (including adding mohair) or the addition of a horn (etc) are permitted. If you wish to drastically change the pose or do another form of drastic customization, please contact me. My zombies are dear to me, and even as a semi-mass-produced resin, each copy is as much of a piece of art as the original master sculpt is, and any major alteration to the model is an alteration to my vision. If I like your concept and allow you to proceed with your customization, please claim the alterations/customization, and credit me for the original sculpt. 

Additionally, if you wish to have a zombie drastically modified, please consider commissioning me to do the custom sculpt work. I will personally feel much more comfortable with the changes if I am the one making them.

Either type of resin can have a change of mane/tail/feathering and gender - you do not need to ask me about such modifications.

In either account, I ask that you respect and follow the rules under VARA. All of my sculptures have my signature engraved in them. Please do not remove this if at all possible. If customized or painted, please sign your work, and in the event that the customized model be sold, list it as customized (even if I am the one who customized it!) Do not pass it off as an original sculpt or claim rights to the entire sculpt - give credit where it is due. 

Under no circumstances may my resins - customized beyond recognition or not - be reproduced. 

As of April 20th, 2016, all models are solid-cast with steel reinforcements in the legs (and tail if needed.)

Painted Resins and Other Models Policy

Under no circumstances may my painted works be altered or modified in any way. By purchasing a model painted or customized by me, you accept that I hold the rights to that work, and respect the model as a work of art. 

When doing finishwork commissions, I always send progress photos. If at any time during the work you see something that does not look quite right - and especially when I send the photos of the final piece for acceptance - please let me know so I can fix the problem. Once the model has been accepted and packed for shipping, it is considered finished and may not be altered from that point on. 

If you purchase a finished (painted) model from me which was not a commission - such as Artist's Choice models - you accept that the model is finished and that nothing in the paint job may be modified. This means, you may not add or remove markings, you may not change the colour or pattern of the model, you may not change the eye colour, mane colour, hoof colour, ect. Everything on the model is to remain as it is.

In the event the model becomes damaged during shipping, I may do minor repairs for free within 10 days of receiving the model. If any of my works become damaged at any time, I may do repairs for a fee. (Contact me if you have any questions.) If any of my works become damaged and for whatever reason I cannot be contacted for repairs, you may use any repair artist of your choosing. However, please try to contact me for repairs first before resorting to another artist. 

Payment and Shipping Policies

I accept payment through paypal and US Postal Money Order only. Please do not send cash through the mail, as there is a chance it will get stolen en route (it has happened before!) If you wish to pay in cash/check, please send a money order instead. These can be acquired at just about any bank. (I only accept paypal for international sales.)


In any transaction or agreement in which a deposit/down payment is used, the money gained from a deposit is used to go toward the supplies needed to fulfill your order. These deposits can be anywhere from 25% to 50% of the total cost, and - due to their purpose of purchasing supplies - cannot be refunded. 

When Payment is Due

Payment is due upon completion of your commission. Payments must be made within ten (10) days on commissions or sales pieces, or the item will be sold. Orders not paid in full within one month (30 days) will be cancelled and the item or items will be sold without notice. When a client goes "missing" and fails to contact me during these times, the item(s) are then the property of me to do with as I please. 

Time Payments

I accept time payments on commissions, certain resins, and sales pieces. Time payments must be paid in full within 4 months of first (or down) payment, unless another agreement has been made. I may extend the due date for a $25 fee. 

It is the buyer's responsibility to stay prompt on payments, and I will not go hunting down late payments. Payments more than one week (7 days) late will be charged with a $25 late fee on top of the next payment made, and if it takes longer than 30 days to make a payment, payments will be automatic default and the item is considered unclaimed, and will be sold. Items in default will be sold without notice. Buyers/Clients will receive only one warning before the item defaults. 

In the event the item defaults, any money paid up to that point will go into Studio Credit to be used by the buyer at any time within 1 year. Credits can be used to buy any un-painted resin currently in stock or finished sales pieces of equal or lesser value. 


Models are always securely packed so that they do not shift in the box. This is to reduce the chances of weak bits - like hair tips, ears, and legs - breaking in transit. I ship via USPS, generally priority or first-class, however it may change depending on price. I will ship overnight or 2-day if the funds are supplied to me - please contact me if you wish to have a certain shipping option.

I do ship internationally, however, be aware that customs fees and shipping rates may be a little pricey. If you want to know how much it will cost to ship to you, please email me with a town/city/area code and country so I can calculate for you. 

Buyer is responsible for shipping fees unless otherwise stated. 

If you would like me to ship an unpainted resin straight to your artist of choice, I will need an address. Please be sure you clarify with your artist that a model will be sent to them. I cannot be responsible for any miscommunication between you and your artist. For the artist's convenience, I will specify who the model is for. Be aware that you, the buyer, are to cover any fees to ship to the artist.